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As an actively practicing family physician in Hockessin, I have personally seen the staggering increase in obesity related co-morbidities over the last 8 years.  Like many physicians, I have struggled with finding the time to effectively counsel my patients on proper nutrition and exercise techniques.  I have also come to realize that most of our training during medical school targets the treatment of obesity related complications rather than treating the disease of obesity itself. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN MAKING PATIENTS PURCHASE PRE-PACKAGED FOODS, TAKE HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS, ”WEIGHT LOSS VITAMINS’,  OR TAKE APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS IF THEY ARE NOT ALREADY LOSING WEIGHT BY FOLLOWING MY PROGRAM.

For this reason I opened the Bianchi Medical Weight Loss Center.  My comprehensive program is designed to address the disease of obesity itself and educate patients on proper nutrition, eating patterns and exercise routines in order to achieve permanent weight loss and lifestyle change as well as to prevent weight regain.  Patients in this program do not diet, rather they are taught to eat healthier yet still enjoy their favorite foods.  The patients will also be able to receive weight loss medications, if needed, in a safe and appropriate setting, under the supervision of a board certified medical bariatric specialist.

I began my training in bariatric medicine two years ago, and in November 2008 I achieved my board certification by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine.  I was, for almost 4 years,  the only practicing board certified medical bariatric specialist in Delaware.

My program is designed to provide extensive health benefits for  patients with many medical conditions including but not limited to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, acid reflux disease, arthritis, knee hip and back pain, and asthma.   Patients can enjoy these benefit with as little as 5-10% reduction in there current weight.

The 6 month program consists of 7 office visits with me, a preliminary EKG on the first visit, all baseline lab work, all educational materials, and a discounted membership to the Pike Creek Fitness Center.  I also offer a one year weight maintenance program.  Although the program is not currently reimbursed by many insurances, the cost is nearly 75% less than the other currently available programs.

Please call the office for more details.  I look forward to partnering with you in your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

-Alex Bianchi, D.O.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tell me about the program. 3 Programs Available 1 time office visit which includes a consultation and ReeVue metabolism test 6 month, 7 visit traditional program Medicare approved program (must have...
Metabolism Tester – REE/VUE

Metabolism Tester – REE/VUE

REE/VUE – FDA approved metabolism tester * Dr. Bianchi now offers this simple 10-15 minute breath test that measures exactly how many calories you burn in a day. * During the test, the air you breathe...
Keeping Up

Keeping Up

When I tried to run after my 5 years old son last year, my knees hurt and I couldn’t run more than about 10 seconds with out being winded. I knew was time for a change in Lifestyle. After a physical with...

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Keeping Up

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