KT’s Weight Loss Journey

Dr. Bianchi, on Oct.11, 2021 I walked in your office extremely overweight. You and I talked about my goals and how I wanted to lose 50 pounds by the time that I turn 50 years old (8 months later). You have been instrumental in my weight loss journey next to my plan from Louisville Weight Loss. You helped me get on track by providing suggestions on how to lose the weight the healthy way and you helped get my questions answered at lizzardco.com. We discussed how this is a life style change, NOT a diet. I am so grateful for your guidance because, once I began to follow my personal plan (and keep track of my daily calorie intake), the weight just started coming off. Not only have I lost the weight but I have developed lifestyle habits which will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thank you SO much for your support and encouragement. Sincerely, KT

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