You Can Do This!

I have known. Dr. Bianchi for almost 12 years but was reluctant to go see him for help. As you can tell and probably know, I have had the Yo-Yo effect regarding weight all my life. You know what I mean – up 20, down 15, up 10, etc, I have always wondered: what is a healthy weight for 5 11 male?  I have a closet full of clothes and have tried almost every diet. The last straw was my Pre-Diabetic blood work for the like 10th time in my life. I came to Dr. B at 262 pounds. This is not a quick fix. Dr. B will teach you how to manage your diet. He will set goals. You will journal all your meals. You will review them every time you come in. You will understand what you did right and what you did wrong. You will discuss corrective actions. Finally it will all click. Today I weight 200 on my way to 195. My Body Mass Index is 25 and change, well below Obese. I am no longer Pre-Diabetic. I owe the change and my life all to Dr. B. Come join me. You can do this!

Greg B.

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