Say no to surgery!


I was 28 years old and 440 pounds. I have tried may times to lose weight and failed. I asked my family doctor about weight loss and he said he couldn’t see me losing weight without some type of surgery. I was desperate and didn’t know where to turn. I found Dr. Bianchi and I talked to him through Facebook and told him my fears, and he gave me hope that I could change. He told me that he would work with me to get the surgery option off the table. In two years, I’ve lost 220 pounds. I feel better. I can breathe better, and I can move better. I feel like a new person, and the best part is that I am more confident in myself. Now with diet, exercise, and Dr. Bianchi’s guidance, I’m looking forward to my next 30 years… Because two years ago, I probably wasn’t going to have 30 more years!

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