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As an actively practicing family physician in Hockessin, I have personally seen the staggering increase in obesity related co-morbidities over the last 8 years.  Like many physicians, I have struggled with finding the time to effectively counsel my patients on proper nutrition and exercise techniques.  I have also come to realize that most of our training during medical school targets the treatment of obesity related complications rather than treating the disease of obesity itself. Read More…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tell me about the program. 2 Programs Available 1 time office visit which includes a consultation and ReeVue metabolism test 6 month, 7 visit traditional program In both programs Dr. Bianchi will...
Metabolism Tester – REE/VUE

Metabolism Tester – REE/VUE

REE/VUE – FDA approved metabolism tester * Dr. Bianchi now offers this simple 10-15 minute breath test that measures exactly how many calories you burn in a day. * During the test, the air you breathe...
New Body, New Clothes, Feeling Great!

New Body, New Clothes, Feeling Great!

I  lost 61 pounds over a 5 month period participating in  Dr. Bianchi’s  weight loss program.  I can honestly say that during the entire  time I had plenty of energy,  slept well and was never...

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New Body, New Clothes, Feeling Great!
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