Big Changes

AfterWith a sedentary lifestyle and a diet of lots of any kind of food -plus eight sodas a day- I began to pile pounds.

The Change
April 2008. After an annual physical examination by Dr. Bianchi the result were not far from what I had in mind and was afraid to hear….. Obese, hypertension, high cholesterol, and very close to earn a free ticket to heart attack at 38 years old. I knew something would have to change if I want to play with my kids or just make my wife proud.

The strategy
After a discussion with Dr. Bianchi regarding my diet habits he designed a Medical plan suitable to my age, with a balance diet dependable on calorie account and an exercise program.

The Lifestyle
I followed Dr. Bianchi daily diet program with monthly follow up visits to ensure success with Dr. Bianchi’s close monitoring diet program.

The reward
Beyond the satisfaction of 90 pounds lost and the importance of being healthy again is a huge sense of accomplishment.
Mr. Vera.
Avondale, PA


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