Pay Attention

After years of just not caring, I finally reached the point of not being able to stand myself – how I looked and how I felt.  I talked to my primary care physician and said I wished there was a pill to make me stop overeating.  She gave me Dr. Bianchi’s card and told me she’d had several patients find success working with him on weight loss.

I attended the informational seminar in January 2011 and had an appointment with Dr. Bianchi 4 days later.  I was ready to make a change!  I wasn’t just overweight – I was obese weighing 218 lbs. at that first visit.  Meeting with Dr. Bianchi I felt supported – not judged.  His program for me was simple – to eat less and pay attention to what food choices I made.  Key words here: pay attention!  I had no idea how many calories I was consuming every day and when I stated counting I was stunned.  It wasn’t easy to cut back my calorie consumption but I became mindful of what I was eating and somehow recognized I didn’t need or want all that food I’d been eating.

The end result: I lost 70 pounds in 8 months.  I look good and feel much better. Best of all, I didn’t need medication to achieve my goal.

Thanks Dr. Bianchi!

-Barbara B.



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